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Presentation of the workshop

Which features for "spiritual" applications?

The scope of this study day is rather broad, and takes as its subject the spiritual application offer in general.

We will consider here mobile applications that have a religious or spiritual practice as their object. We define "spirituality" as a set of beliefs, discourses, affects, exercises and practices aimed at shaping the mind.

We thus propose to explore certain issues common to religious and spiritual applications in their diversity according to a socio-semiotic and socio-economic analysis.
In this context, we will be particularly interested in the design of digital interfaces and their modelling by approaching this question through the prism of the functionalities shared by this
family of applications.

"The Internet and social media are a resource of our time: they allow us to keep in touch with other people, to share values and projects and to create a community."

Pope Francis at the launch of the Click to Pray application